Visio 2009

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About the Conference

­On Day One three plenary sessions will be held in the morning and three parallel round tables in the afternoon.

The plenary sessions will be given by experts on:
  • TOPIC 1: A Holistic Vision of Technology Surveillance / Competitive Intelligence (TS/CI)
  • TOPIC 2: We Create the Future Today: Prospecting
  • TOPIC 3: Innovare Humanum Est.
In the afternoon, the three round tables will be moderated by the three experts who gave the morning lectures. The day will end with a presentation of each table's conclusions.

On Day Two, two parallel sessions will be held:

  • SESSION 1: First meeting of VISIO companies: devoted to giving companies practical information on the principles, use of, results and experiences of TS/CI in companies.
  • SESSION 2. The role of a Technology Surveillance expert: talks that focus on expanding and exchanging the knowledge and experience of experts.
Subsequently, groups with shared interests will be formed to work on concrete proposals. The conference will end with a discussion forum and closing ceremony.

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