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The Europa Conference and Exhibition Hall was inaugurated in 1989 and recently reformed in 2003. It is strategically situated on the city's main avenue, Avenida de Gasteiz.

It is conveniently situated for easy access to the outside of the city, only 5 minutes from Foronda Airport and the main entry routes. At the same time it is within walking distance to the Old Quarter and the city's main shopping area and best hotels.

The building is modern and functional, with well-lit, spacious interiors that display the most forward-looking, avant-garde image of the city.

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Source: Conferences and Tourism service of Vitoria-Gasteiz

The Conference Hall's technical features and construction, its exclusive dedication to conferences without sharing its schedule with the city's cultural programmes, its functional design and years of experience make it an attractive venue for hosting conferences and meetings of 200-700 people from Spain and other countries in a pleasant, easy and efficient environment.

It boasts 8 rooms for work groups, spacious exhibition areas, a multiple-use hall for exhibitions, lunches, coffee breaks and other purposes, an infirmary and a business centre.


Avda. Gasteiz, s/n
Tel.: 00 34 945 161 261 / 79
Fax. 00 34 945 228 009
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